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Global Life Sciences:  Leading Contract Manufacturing 200

Global Compliance Partners launches Global Life Sciences:Leading Contract Manufacturing 200, a resourceful directory of leading 200 Global Life Sciences companies that are engaged in contract manufacturing in various sub-sectors of Life Sciences industry worldwide. It also includes an analytical study on the client-contract companies involved in this service.


➢ Provides listing of leading 200 contract manufacturing companies servicing the Global Life Sciences sector
➢ Identifies those Global Life Sciences companies that utilize contract manufacturing services for their products
➢ Analyzes global contract manufacturing services landscape by region, country and sub-industry
➢ Summarizes trends based on profiles of companies which give or undertake manufacturing contracts
➢ Compiles leading contract manufacturing companies by key therapeutic areas
➢ Examines contract manufacturing companies by its qualitative focus (accreditations and compliances)
➢ Assess the size and production-volume aspects of contract manufacturing companies
➢ Analyzes market trends for contract manufacturing
➢ Highlights ticker, sub-industry, location of manufacturing, and products manufactured for each company covered

Key features:

➢ A one-stop resource to know WHICH Global Life Sciences company contract manufactures WHAT and for WHOM
➢ Comprehensive analysis of companies outsourcing manufacturing and companies actually manufacturing
➢ Detailed study of externally manufactured products, services and devices in Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Diagnostics and Medical Devices sectors
➢ Information compiled from established news portals, reliable primary and secondary news sources, business media sites, company websites, and press releases
➢ Analysts with years of experience study and infer the compiled information

Table of contents:

Section 1: List of Contract Manufacturing Companies
1.1 - By Region, Country, and Company Name
1.2 - By Sub-Industry

Section 2: List of Companies utilizing Contract Manufacturing Services
2.1 - By Region, Country, and Company Name
2.2 - By Sub-Industry

Section 3: Analysis of Contract Manufacturing Services
3.1 - By Region
3.2 - By Country
3.3 - By Sub-Industry
3.4 - By Key Therapeutic Areas
3.5 - By Accreditations
3.6 - By Compliance
3.5 - By Size (Large-size and Mid-size)
3.6 - By Production-volume
3.7 - By Listing Status of Companies Covered

Global Life Sciences: Leading Contract Manufacturing 200

$ 300 per report
(Available March 26, 2017)

Output Format: PDF

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